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Chris Bolton


Chris Bolton, 29, is the holder of a Bachelor's of Computer Science, and is an experienced team member with 10 years of engine deisgn experience. He has extensive knowledge in a multitude of computational theories, and with it, has tackled a variety of independent roles in the software development industry including the implementation, debugging, and maintenance of various systems for core engines, games, and tools. He has a strong past game industry experience working on cross-platform games and was responsible for designing, developing, and deploying core technology for independent developers. He is also an expert at module assembly, game-physics construction, and environmental rendering. He brings to the project over a decade of C++, C#, Java, and Lua-script coding, among many other languages. 






Dennis Varvaro


Dennis Varvaro, 27, is the holder of a Professional-Bachelor's degree in Architecture, with an emphasis on historic and traditional design. He has in the past done work in classically-oriented architecture and landscape architecture firms on the US east coast and in Belgium, and has contributed to historic architectural survey work for the Prince's Foundation. He is an expert in architectural computer modeling and general environmental design, as well as having experience in digital and watercolor painting media. He is also an adept at several commercial game engine suites and computer modeling suites, and an amateur musician and composer.



Amir Nouri


Amir Nouri, 24, is an experienced C++ programmer, with additional proficiencies in C#, lua, and Javascript; he has a background writing operating code for industrial automation applications. His life pursuits include the study of physics and higher mathematics, and the theory behind modeling complex physical processes. Amir has held several game industry positions for UK and US groups, and has released a handful of his own personal titles on the side. Amir has done work in the environments of Unity, Ogre3D, and MarmaladeSDK, and has experience in developing modular class assemblies for cross-engine compatability. He is proficient at simulation of AI pathing, physics, fluid systems, dynamically updated environments, and general system optimizations.



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