May 1, 2018, Public Demo 5.1 Pre-release Build:

Latest PC Build:

Latest Mac Build:

Latest Linux Build:

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Preface Points

-This game is designed around controller use, and is much harder without one!


-If you experience control issues, we have a keybinding menu and input menu which can offer fixes!


-You are permitted to share the build, and record videos / stream your experiences at this time; while the build is public in the soft-sense, our major release of the build is the one we plan to generate actual publicity over


-The game is planned for Nintendo Switch / PC / Mac / Linux, and possibly other consoles


-This current build is available in PC / Mac / Linux flavor; Switch builds will be coming further down the road


-This is the first time we are offering our Linux Build, so users of that OS can expect a rougher experience, but also will be useful in nailing down the earliest issues


-If you'd like to support us, it is extremely helpful to invite your friends and followers to check us out and subscribe, as well as recommending the material to your favorite youtubers, streamers and game media!



What is this Build?


You have been invited to test a pre-release Build of the pre-alpha demo to be released for Hazelnut Bastille, most likely sometime in May 2018.


The Build features two segments: an introductory leg that takes place in an “overworld” setting, which features light instruction, basic story elements, navigation, and some combat sequences, and a dungeon leg, which features a fairly large level full of more challenging combat and puzzles.


The overworld content somewhat resembles the content planned for the full game, only much stripped-down and simplified, and more direct. The entire sequence is fairly linear, and is meant to give a taste of what will be in the full game, but not require the player to learn too many concepts all at once. The enemies provided here are basic, so we can focus on getting the core combat loop polished before tackling more complex situations.


Players can expect substantially more in the full game, such as a developed storyline, mini-games, incidental events, metroidvania-like expansion of the player's navigation abilities and reachable areas over the course of the game, and much more.


Feedback Parameters:


You are encouraged to report whatever bugs, issues, feelings, impressions, or general design advice occurs to you. Some areas that you might react to, might be: Art assets, animations, sound effects, music, default controls, Input issues, general design, level design, enemies, enemy placement, mechanics, player abilities, general combat feel, navigation feel, collision, hitboxes, progression, difficulty, items, the trading system, GUI, display, stability, and many others.




Move character / cursor:             Joystick / D-Pad / WASD keys / Arrow keys

Attack, Interact:                            Bottom Button J Key

Special, Trade:                              Right button / I key

Item 1:                                           Left button / K key

Item 2:                                           Top button / L key

Run:                                               Right Shoulder / O Key

Shield:                                           Left Shoulder / U Key

Open inventory:                          Select / Space Bar

Pause game:                                Start / P key

Change inventories:                   Left and Right Shoulder buttons / O and U keys

FlashStep:                                    Run then hit Attack, or hold special and then hit attack


-The Run is actually quite useful as an “evade” move

-The Flashstep is useful for a host of things, such as crossing gaps, quick evasion, blitz attacks, and exiting tight situations

-The shield blocks both projectiles and frontal contact while held, and frontal contact provides knockback

-Controls may be reconfigured in the Unity Launcher





-This demo is presented in the Unity version 5.3.5f1


-Shannon Mason composed the Title track and the Main BGM for the level


-Allan Dymond composed the track that appears during the boss battle


-Mark Harbaugh wrote the engine in C# in the Unity environment, and contributed the scripting and some design elements


-Dennis Varvaro did the art, mechanics design, level design, and contributed to the game play scripting, as well as contributing the music that appears at the end of the demo


-All of the content presented in this demo is the intellectual property of its creators, and should not be used without permission.



Learn More about the project and team, and find a Presskit, at: