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Welcome to the homepage for "Sticks & Starships", a game where you can explore a galaxy of wonders! Players will run from giant centipedes, steal resources from the underworld, ride a narwhal, build monuments, solve the mysteries of alchemy, try their hand at freelance nuclear engineering, learn rocket science, and construct kilometer-long starships!


To learn more, explore the content found on this website! Articles and features of "Sticks & Starships" will appear in in our "News" tab, alongside our own development progress.  The latest will appear on this homepage.


We have also recently added our user forums to the page! Feel free to check these out for content-related questions and suggestions, as well as the ongoing coding discussion!

Articles and profiles
New trailers


" 'Taming and breeding bloodthirsty, gigantic, wild cassowaries.' I never realised how much I wanted this

until I read it."


           -Fraser Brown, Writer at PCGamesN



"My jaw just dislocated itself from dropping 20 feet. This looks amazing and I hope you are able to release

this game into the wild! "


          -Valax at Unity Forums



"Wow ! looks amazing ! can't wait for a release !"


          -Didactox at IndieDB

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